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A Little Help from Our Friends... CSA Explained

Let's talk CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture)! After launching last week (to an AMAZING response...thank you for the shared excitement!), with our two main products at the moment being our summer and fall CSA subscriptions, I have come to realize that not everyone is familiar with what exactly a CSA is and why it's beneficial to all parties.

In short, CSAs take out the middleman, connecting the consumer directly to the farm while simultaneously investing in the farmer to provide them with cash flow in the slower months leading up to the growing season. This allows the farmer to buy the seeds and supplies needed to cultivate a successful harvest. The consumer, in the most simplest terms, becomes a partner with the farm/farmer, sharing in the small risk of there being a less than ideal growing season, but also sharing in the bountiful reward that is the fruits of the farm... and at one heck of a deal. In many cases a CSA share is a beautiful box of seasonal vegetables and greens, and in the case of Crescendum Flower Farm, the reward is a stunning bouquet of that week's most bountiful blooms.

This year you can expect for our summer bouquets to be made up of calendula, bells of Ireland, poppies, clarkia and imperialis. For the fall share we will be growing zinnias, dahlias, lisianthus (a personal favorite!), sunflowers and an array of Colorado native flowers.

We would be so flattered if you joined us in a CSA partnership with a subscription for either the summer or fall share... or both! Have a fresh, locally grown bouquet in your home all season long, and for less than $20 a week! That's a steal compared to buying retail. Both summer and fall subscriptions are 20% off through Mother's Day. Hey, there's a great gift idea for mom. Thanks in advance for you support!

If you would like to get your history nerd on and read more about how the CSA model came to be, click here.

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