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10 Hands and Four Paws

Sometimes life just nudges you to where you need to be.  From 2016 into 2018 my husband and I had been working on our farm plan.  It was three-to-five years out, so we had plenty of time to refine our vision.  We added an incredible daughter to the mix in early 2018 and EXACTLY one year later we welcomed twin boys.  Whew!  Less than a week after we found out that we were expecting the twins, we put an offer in on the 1.6 acre dream "suburba-farm" that we now call home and have spent the past year and a half brainstorming what is now our beautiful flower farm that hosts sustainable events.  Whether it's a warm summer morning hand picking the perfect dinner table bouquet or at one of our unique events, we look forward to hosting you at our quaint little farm.


Lead Flower Farmer

Krista's first career was as a television reporter and then a professional portrait photographer for about a decade. She is a Master Composter through the City of Denver and has gardened for as long as she can remember.  She loves that this new venture is bringing all of her past lives together.

Weekend Flower Farmer

Justin's undergrad degree is in environmental studies.  He spent several years in the field and now works M-F in Ad Tech.  He is excited to be getting back to his educational roots while getting his hands dirty in the fields. 

Krista Kushik

Justin Kushik

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