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Come Play in the Dirt with Us!

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2024 Intern and Apprenticeships

Want to learn first hand how to start your own small farm from the ground up?  Want to work on your tan, get some dirt under your fingernails and build some life long friendships while doing so?  If you're inner voice (or better yet, outer voice!) just started bouncing up and down excitedly shouting "YES, and YES, and YES!"... we would love to meet you!


We are a 1.6 acre "micro-farm" built on the principles of honoring our earth, respecting EVERYONE for being their authentic self, and continuing to learn and grow as we navigate this journey called life.  We practice regenerative, pesticide free, "no till" farming and strive to positively affect our community when and where we can.


Through an internship/apprenticeship with Crescendum Flower Farming you will learn:

  • year round farm planning

  • season extension

  • the principles of "no till" farming

  • flower harvesting

  • composting, backyard and larger scale

  • soil health

  • irrigation

  • succession planting

  • basic floral design

  • and a slew of other tidbits that we are here to share!

Apprenticeships will be granted to those with some farm, environmental, sustainability or marketing experience who are looking to further their knowledge and possibly start down their own farming path.  

Internships will be granted to college students with a degree interest in agriculture, environmental studies, sustainability or marketing.

This is a very part-time position and commitment at roughly 12 hours a week, broke up into two weekday mornings.  Apprenticeships start in March (flexible) and wrap up in late October.  Internships follow the school year, starting in mid-May and wrapping up in early to mid-August.  But we are always happy to have additional hands and share our knowledge, so there are opportunities to start sooner if that interests you.


The positions are currently unpaid, with the exception of ONE stipend position (see details below), but they are gateways to paid positions in future seasons.  Though we cannot currently provide monetary compensation for your time and sweat, we are certain you will walk away with an abundance of knowledge and experience to take with you into the future, be it on your own farm or in a sustainably focused field.  

This is not just the land we work on, it's the land we live on and call home.  All that we do here comes with intention and we will put that same intention into you if you join us.  We look forward to hearing from you!

- Krista Kushik and Family

Deadline to Apply March 10, 2024

**One stipend position will be granted to a deserving candidate.  This is meant for someone who is managing true financial hardships and would be unable to accept an unpaid position.  We would love to pay all of those who help us at the farm, it's just not possible at this time.  Please apply to this position thoughtfully.

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