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So Humbled

It has been a bountiful, joy-filled, wild, humbling and slightly stressful past few weeks at the farm and it has left us colored with so many different shades of gratitude. It's amazing what five months time, an impromptu idea and whole lot of grit and sweat can come together to create.

When, back in mid March, we decided to pull back on growing flowers and instead fill half of our fields with produce to donate, I will be the first to admit that I had no plan beyond that. ZERO. Just "do the next right thing," right? A whole lot of next-right-things has led us to where we are at at this moment, and it feels incredibly right. "When life gives you manure, grow flowers!" ... that's our 2020 motto. You will see those t-shirts and hats available in our shop here shortly. For real.

We made our first donation to the Arvada Community Table on June 25th... a meager four pounds... but a great start. Not even two weeks later we were averaging 20+lb per donation and donating twice a week.

And then the whole operation just took off. Suddenly we had donated 200lbs total to both the Community Table and Hope, Connection and Community, and were averaging 80lbs donated each week. First 9News called to do a story on us and during that interview, the Denver Channel 7 called, also asking to come out to the farm to tell our story. A few days later Fox paid the farm a visit and did story on our whole family,. And just to round out all of the Denver stations, Channel 4 also stopped by about a week after the media frenzy began. This week we were featured on Mile High Living with a very thoughtful interview. Whew!

Thank you to all who started seeds for us, helped us get those starts into the ground, brought their own harvests for donation, helped weed the farm or just cheered us on from afar. It's been such an incredible ride so far this season and there is still so much of harvest season left! We are just five...FIVE.. pounds away from hitting 500lbs donated, which was our original goal for the season! Maybe 1000lbs should be our new goal?! Is that too crazy a thought? We're making the most with all of this manure we've been dealt and are so grateful to have all of your support along the way. If you are interested in helping us celebrate hitting 500lbs, please check in with our events page, as festivities are in the works. Until next time!

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